The Benefits of Traveling with CBD and how to do it Legally

Are you planning a summer getaway? New surroundings have a way of clearing the mind and inducing happiness, but unfortunately, the journey itself is not always as stress-free as the destination. Continue reading below to discover how CBD can help you manage the stress of travel and how to ensure your favorite Vigilant CBD product can accompany you on your trip.

CBD can enhance your vacation experience.

Canceled flights, complex terminals, and motion sickness can detract from travel fun. Thankfully, there are a few ways that CBD can help with that.

CBD calms your nerves.

CBD can activate serotonin receptors, which helps to reduce stress. If you feel overwhelmed by your schedule or the uncertainty of travel, reach for a CBD gummy or tincture.

CBD reduces motion sickness.

Long car rides and airplane turbulence can make anyone feel green. CBD relieves nausea by reducing inflammation in your gut and loosening tense stomach muscles. Consider taking CBD thirty minutes before take-off or as needed on a road trip.

 CBD helps you focus.

Even if you plan to shut off your mind on vacation, you will need it in working order to make it to your destination. Whether you are concentrating on the ever-changing airport security rules or navigating highway interchanges, CBD can help. It influences your focus by interacting with excess cortisol and allowing the brain to release more dopamine.

CBD reduces pain.

Unfamiliar sleeping arrangements and cramped seating can do a number on your muscles. Don’t let nagging pain affect your ability to enjoy your vacation and see the sights. Topical CBD creams can interact with cannabinoid receptors in the skin, helping to reduce pain. Try to pack a bottle in your suitcase if possible.

Can I travel with CBD in a car or train?

Yes, if traveling within the United States, there should be no reason that CBD containing the federally set limit of less than .3% of THC is restricted. Border officials may search your vehicle if crossing an international border, and the penalty, if any, would depend on the rules of that country.

Can I bring CBD on a domestic flight?

When flying within the United States, you can bring CBD products containing less than .3% of THC onto a plane. If you want to pack a CBD tincture or salve in your carry-on, it must be less than 3 ounces, keeping with TSA rules.

Before traveling somewhere new, we recommend you check out the rules regarding the legal status of hemp-derived products. No states ban CBD, but some places have more significant restrictions than others. For example, a few states do not allow CBD to be infused into food products, making CBD gummies illegal.

Can I bring CBD on an international flight?

Traveling internationally with CBD is more complicated. For instance, Germany and the UK allow CBD products with less than .2% THC, and France only allows CBD isolates without THC.

Some countries like Africa, Japan, and Russia have strict or murky laws against CBD. It is best not to bring CBD or THC-based products when traveling to those places. Be sure always to research the rules of other countries before you travel.

Reentering the United States with CBD products purchased abroad is usually not a problem, as long as they clearly state that the contained THC is less than .3%.

Vigilant has all of your CBD travel needs!

CBD can be essential for peace of mind on vacation! Be sure to check out our Mint Ice Lifestyle Formula Tincture, which is carry-on approved with a weight of 1 oz! Vigilant CBD gummies can be perfect for easing nerves on a plane or car ride, and don’t forget to pack our Healing Muscle Salve in your bag (also carry-on approved)!

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