Spring into Wellness with Vigilant CBD

Spring is a time of restoration, and what better way to kick off this new season than with the wellness benefits of CBD. Whether it’s gardening, nature strolls, or cook-outs, it’s essential to get outdoors and savor the beautiful weather. Continue reading below to discover how CBD can help you appreciate all that this season has to offer.

Take a stroll through nature

Spending time outdoors is one of the easiest ways to improve your health. Communing with nature lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and improves energy levels, while the action of walking positively affects our mood and heart. Unfortunately, getting exercise outside, especially after a cool winter, can result in muscle soreness that discourages you from taking action.

To combat achy muscles, try Vigilant’s Muscle Freeze Roll-On. This topical gel is infused with CBD isolate to bring fast-acting relief. Apply before or after a stroll so that nothing gets in your way.

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Combat cloudy moods

The sun is shining, wildflowers are blooming, and hope radiates through the air. When then, are you feeling out of sorts? In times like these, it is extra frustrating that your mood is not matching your surroundings.

We always recommend that those with feelings of anxiety or depression speak to their healthcare provider. However, if your work, busy schedule, or general life worries are getting you down, try popping one of our CBD Gummies.

CBD has been shown to help relieve sadness, stress, and nervousness. Vigilant’s CBD Gummies contain 1,000 mg of premium full-spectrum CBD per bottle. Keep them on hand for whenever you need a pick me up.

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Get your focus back

No matter your age, spring can cause serious senioritis. Who can concentrate at work or stick to a gym routine when sunshine beckons?

Thankfully, CBD can help. CBD engages with serotonin and dopamine; these hormones, known for affecting mood, also play a role in mental clarity. CBD also stabilizes excess cortisol, which helps to decrease stress and increase focus.

The next time you find yourself unable to concentrate, reach for a Vigilant Lifestyle Tincture. Our award-winning formula just may be the secret to helping you wrap up your projects and get back to enjoying the spring weather faster! The broad-spectrum formula comes in a dropper bottle that will easily fit in your workbag or desk drawer.

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Discover a green thumb

Nothing is more rejuvenating than springtime gardening. Watching your own seeds grow into fabulous flowers or delicious produce creates pride and fulfillment. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to soak up Vitamin D.

Planting a garden requires crouching on your knees and digging in the dirt, all things that can feel impossible to someone who suffers from joint pain.

CBD is ripe with pain-reducing and anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve discomfort in chronic joint pain sufferers. Vigilant Healing Muscle Salve is packed with premium help isolate that targets tenderness and brings fast relief to garden pros and novices alike.

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Celebrate the new season with CBD

CBD is packed full of wellness benefits that will enhance your spring experience. That’s why we at Vigilant Performance and Athletics create sports and lifestyle CBD products that will rejuvenate your mood and enhance your activities. Welcome back the sunshine and shop some of our bestsellers today.

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