Recovery Guide: Post CrossFit Open

You did it!

Whether this was your first year participating in the CrossFit Open or you are a veteran to the grueling workouts these past few weeks involved, we hope you had a great experience this year.

Now that you have pushed through these past 3 weeks of intense workouts and some of you are even preparing for the quarterfinals, it’s likely your body is feeling like it needs some extra TLC.

Discover how CBD products can support your recovery.

In addition to a healthy diet, hydrating, and getting sleep, we recommend using several of our products to support a full recovery to receive all the benefits from pushing your body while not compromising the gains you’ve made. So, before you grab the ibuprofen bottle, consider CBD as a natural alternative.

Here are our top three CBD recovery product recommendations:

1. Vigilant Tinctures or Sprays

These products range in several dosages from 500-1500mg per bottle and come in a variety of flavors (Cinnamon, Citrus, Gummy bear, Mint Ice, Mango Tea, and even natural flavor).

Our formulas are locally farmed and fully tested for exceptional purity, leaving you with an effective CBD experience. We recommend taking a drop (or spray) under the tongue morning and evening to promote focus, sleep, and a sense of steadiness throughout the day that takes the edge off daily stressors.

2. Vigilant Menthol Roll-On 500-1000mg

This convenient roller bottle packs 500-1000mg of full spectrum CBD in one bottle. This muscle freeze formula uses cold therapy to target muscles or joints with pain or soreness. This is a great product for managing soreness, aches, or normal inflammation post workout. Just simply roll-on over the area and allow it to absorb. Your muscles will get a cooling effect with the added benefits of CBD for supporting soreness or aches for your muscles to repair.

3. Vigilant Healing Muscle Salve and Menthol Muscle Rub

Our Vigilant Healing Muscle Salve is packed with 2000mg of premium hemp isolate and the menthol muscle rub with 3000mg.  These contain much larger amounts of our premium help isolate to, “handle the heavy lifting,” as we say.  This packs a more concentrated amount of hemp per application to seriously target pain, aches, and muscle tenderness that requires more active support. The Menthol Muscle Rub has the added cooling effect from the menthol.

We highly recommend getting both products! You can alternate the salves to use as a cold/hot method for recovery.

First apply the Menthol Muscle salve over the discomforted area, then a few hours later when you notice discomfort again, follow up with the Healing Muscle Salve.  Repeat the process consistently throughout the day, applying every few hours depending on discomfort level. You could also continue the process for 1-3 days with more severe pain to help manage discomfort.

Take time for self-care this week and allow your body the recovery it deserves.

The most beneficial recovery products support the nature of your body. And the most beneficial recovery methods entail consistency! As with all our natural supplements, we encourage consistency as the key to reaping the best benefits.  We hope you find these suggestions helpful in your recovery process!

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