Is CBD Legal Everywhere?

CBD has hit the U.S. market by storm, and while restrictions can vary by state, everyone in our country now has access to CBD’s benefits. CBD is widely used to treat a variety of conditions, from stress and insomnia to seizures and pain management, but is CBD legal everywhere? Are consumers from other parts of the world taking advantage of this holistic product? Continue reading below to find out!

Is CBD legal in all 50 states?

The 2018 Farm Bill propelled CBD accessibility by federally legalizing the cultivation of hemp and the cannabis plant with a THC content that is below .3%. However, the bill left the final word up to the states.

At this point, most states have legalized CBD and medical marijuana products. While there are no longer any states that completely ban the use of CBD, some make it more attainable than others.

Here are some states with caveats to CBD legality:

  • Idaho – CBD products must be hemp-derived and contain no THC.
  • Iowa – CBD products must be hemp-derived and USDA compliant.
  • Kansas – It is illegal to manufacture hemp cigarettes.
  • Kentucky – Smokable CBD is not permitted.
  • Michigan – CBD-infused food and beverages are illegal.
  • Minnesota – CBD-infused food, beverages, and dietary supplements are illegal.
  • New Hampshire – CBD-infused foods and beverages are illegal.
  • New York – CBD-infused tobacco and alcoholic beverages are illegal.
  • North Carolina – CBD-infused beverages and food are not allowed.
  • Oregon – CBD-infused alcohol is illegal.
  • South Dakota – The area for buying and selling CBD products is grey. Be sure to check the legality in local jurisdictions.
  • Utah – CBD edibles, except for gelatin cubes, are illegal.

Is CBD legal in Europe?

CBD containing hemp with .2% THC or less is legal throughout most of Europe. After North America, Europe is the second most popular CBD market.

However, there are some countries where CBD is outright banned, including Albania, Armenia, and Lithuania. Albanian officials outlawed all types of cannabis after the country faced widespread drug trafficking. Lithuania allows hemp to be grown for seed oil, flour, and hemp protein, but it cannot be used recreationally.

Other counties allow CBD but with restrictions. Recently, Belgium moved to ban CBD edibles and CBD oil. In France, Ireland, and Iceland, only CBD isolates that are THC-free are legal. In Malta, CBD is technically only legal with a doctor’s prescription, though many health food stores illegally sell it over the counter.

Does the rest of the world have access to CBD?

Canadian CBD laws are very similar to those of the United States. CBD from the hemp flower that contains less than .3% of THC is legal and widely available.

South America’s CBD market is highly unregulated, which makes it difficult to buy a safe and effective product online. Most South American countries, except for Uruguay and Colombia who are more lenient, only allow CBD to be purchased over the counter with a prescription.

CBD is legal in Australia, but individuals have to go through a state program called the Special Access Scheme to buy it. Basically, patients must be prescribed CBD and THC products from their doctors, which seems to be a common practice.

Africa has very restrictive laws when it comes to buying CBD products. All CBD, even CBD isolates, are not allowed. Those that purchase them illegally can face repercussions. However, South Africa does allow licensed stores and pharmacies to sell CBD over the counter.

Though most of the Asian continent is forward-thinking when it comes to alternative health, many Asian countries are ironically restrictive when it comes to CBD accessibility. China produces a vast amount of hemp each year, but the country has not legalized CBD for recreational use. Japan does permit its citizens to buy CBD, but like the United States, CBD products must contain less than .3% of THC.

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