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performance & recovery products ensure clean & safe training for any level of athlete.

Full spectrum products are one of the hottest natural alternatives on the market right now and for good reason.

Globally, people utilize it for its sleep and anti-anxiety benefits, and over 60% of users take it for pain management. But, did you know that it can also improve athletic performance and promote muscle recovery?

Here are some of the top reasons athletes are leveraging full spectrum products to maximize their gains.

Vigilant creates the highest quality products to help you perform better in sport and life.

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Lab tested performance and recovery products to ensure clean and safe training.

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Full spectrum products to enhance your mood, sleep, and overall well-being.

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American Grown • Non-GMO • Lab Tested • CO2 Extracted • Superior Taste • Award Winning Formulas

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When it comes to supplementing your wellness in sport and life, Vigilant is dedicated to developing the best products so you can live your best life.