Everything You Need to Know About CBD Muscle Salves

All of us have experienced achy muscles at some point in our lives, and many of us deal with the discomfort daily. Workouts, diseases, demanding jobs, and parenting are just some of the factors that can send you searching for a solution. However, common pain relievers can cause dangerous side effects, which is why there is a recent movement toward something natural, safe, and effective. Continue reading below to discover everything that you need to know about CBD muscle salves.

Do CBD muscle salves work?

There are a lot of studies that suggest CBD is effective at treating muscular pain. In 2016, scientists found that applying CBD topically to rats with arthritis reduced their inflammation and pain. Another animal study published in 2017 shared that rats with arthritic knees had less pain, inflammation, and nerve damage after being injected with shots of CBD.

Recently, the effects of CBD for pain management on humans have also been researched. In 2019, a study revealed that CBD applied topically twice daily to the face greatly reduced jaw discomfort after two weeks.

Just last year, another study was conducted on people with nerve damage. The results indicated that applying CBD topically reduced discomfort, cold sensations, and itchiness.

What’s the science behind it?

Your skin is more absorbent than you think, especially when it comes to CBD. The skin contains a substantial amount of cannabinoid receptors, which are part of the endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system, named because of the way it interacts with cannabis, is in charge of keeping your body at homeostasis through regulating pain, temperature levels, and hormones, among other things.

When you apply a CBD product topically, the CBD attaches to cannabinoid receptors in your skin, which causes a local reduction in pain and inflammation.

CBD also allows post-workout muscles to recover faster. It inhibits the production of T-regulatory cells and represses chemokine and cytokine, which all delay muscle recovery. Those factors combined with CBD’s anti-inflammation properties make it extremely useful for athletes.

What should you keep in mind when buying a CBD muscle salve?

Read the label.

The old statistic of the skin absorbing 60-70% of all chemicals it comes into contact with has been proven false, as some ingredients absorb more easily than others. However, we do know that your skin absorbs a heck of a lot of the elements in skincare, which is why you should always check the label to read what secondary ingredients are present in a muscle salve.

Always make sure that the hemp in your product is third-party lab tested. Look for a muscle balm that is paraben-free and non-GMO to reduce your exposure to toxic ingredients.

It works locally.

A muscle salve works best for users targeting localized pain, such as arthritic joints, jaw pain, or post-workout muscles. Do not expect a muscle salve to provide full-body relief, as it will only work where it is applied.

Steer clear of products with outlandish claims.

A CBD muscle salve restores broken down muscles, treats inflammation, and reduces pain. It can help with many painful symptoms from common diseases, like cancer, arthritis, or muscular degeneration. However, it does not cure diseases, and any product claiming such should be avoided.

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