How To Choose The Right Full Spectrum Product For You

Vigilant has a variety of products for different forms of consumption, with various amounts of cannabidiol (CBD). So, what’s the difference and which choice is best suited for what?

Let’s break it down.

We’ll focus on the main categories of products we have available, which are tinctures, topicals, and sprays. For a full list of all types of products we offer, just visit our shop page here.


Our most potent of the three categories are the Cannabidiol sprays.

They contain 3000mg of full spectrum cannabidiol per bottle. They also come in a variety of flavors to make them a more palatable and enjoyable experience. These sprays are misted inside your mouth and absorbed into your bloodstream or digestive system via your cheeks or a gland underneath your tongue called the Sublingual gland.

A little hint: we recommend you mist them onto the inside of your cheeks or spray under the tongue and hold for 20-30 seconds. This ensures the best absorption and quickest way to get into your bloodstream and start working.

If you spray directly into the mouth and on top of the tongue it will still be absorbed, but likely most of the dose will be swallowed and absorbed into the digestive tract. This method will take longer for your body to absorb and benefit from its effects, but is still effective.


Next, our tinctures are very similar to the sprays, but a slight less concentration per bottle at around 2000mg of full spectrum cannabidiol. Tinctures are the oil of cannabis extracted and mixed with a neutral oil to make it bioavailable for your body to absorb.

Tinctures are administered via a dropper directly into your mouth. We recommend dropping the dose under your tongue to contact the Sublingual Gland and hold for 15-30 seconds before swallowing for best absorption. This will allow the oil to absorb directly into the bloodstream delivering faster effects from the product. The tinctures and sprays are delivered into the bloodstream and have an overall effect on your body’s systems and brain. This is a great way to consume cannabidiol if you’re looking for overall wellness, mood, anxiety, or focus benefits.


That leaves us with our topical formulas (salves, lotions, and roll-ons). The first difference is that these formulas carry less concentration of cannabidiol per container; ranging from 100mg – 2000mg of cannabidiol. These products are administered onto your skin or areas of pain or discomfort topically on the body and massaged into the skin until absorbed. These types of topical applications are great for pinpointing areas of discomfort like sore muscles or aches and pains by smearing directly on top of the areas you most want to benefit from the product.

We have several types of formulas you can try. Check them out here on our topicals page to see which lotion best suits your needs or lifestyle.

Our sport formula salve is infused with 2000mg cannabidiol per container and is best suited for targeting pain relief and muscle or injury recovery for athletes.

The Muscle Roll-On is our second highest concentrate with 500-1000mg cannabidiol, but with the added benefit of cold therapy for muscle recovery. If you spend a lot of time in the gym, training for athletic competitions, or have a career that relies heavily on your muscle conditioning and staying in shape – these sport formulas are excellent for keeping you in tip top shape and recovering well so you can get to the next level.

Lasty, the lotion and body butter are a lighter formula with 50-150mg cannabidiol per container. These products are also topically massaged and absorbed into the skin. They are great for everyday use or before/after a shower, and could help lighten your mood and promote a state of relaxation or calm to start your day or unwind before bed.

Only the best products and methods.

There are plenty of other ways to consume cannabidiol, but here at Vigilant, we desire to make products that are pure, clean, and easy to administer for our busy lifestyles. We focus mainly on supporting people with active lifestyles that need the recovery benefits from cannabidiol to keep inflammation down and muscles recovered. There has been enough evidence to suggest cannabidiol can also help regulate mood, stress, promote better sleep, and overall well-being.

Our products are made sustainably from farm-to-lab right here in the USA with the highest quality ingredients available; And we always use full spectrum, responsibly sourced cannabidiol.

Now that you know just how much our products can benefit you and fit into your lifestyle needs through different methods of products for consumption, it’s up to YOU to #StayVigilant.

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