CBD Can Help Make Your New Year’s Fitness Goals a Reality!

At the start of a new year, most of us plan to eat better, exercise more, and finally shed those unwanted pounds, but without the proper tools, we continually fall short of reaching our wellness goals. It may come as a surprise that CBD can fast-track your weight loss journey and improve your fitness routine! Continue reading below to discover how CBD can help you become the healthiest version of yourself in 2022.

CBD promotes weight loss.

The battle of the bulge often needs to be fought on a biological level. Our bodies are complicated and intelligently designed. Sometimes, we need an extra edge, like CBD, to push us across the finish line.

Our bodies contain two different fat cells; brown fat cells are responsible for burning calories, whereas white fat cells store calories to give us energy. To sustain a healthy weight, you must have more brown fat cells than white fat cells in your body. CBD encourages weight loss by helping white fat convert to brown fat.

Furthermore, CBD engages with our CB1 and CB2 receptors, which signal to our brain when we are hungry. By positively interacting with these receptors, CBD can help reduce our appetites and speed up our metabolisms.

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Finally, catch a good night’s sleep with CBD.

How many times have you planned for an early morning workout only to find yourself hitting the snooze button instead? Amid our chaotic days, we have very few opportunities to squeeze in physical fitness. Whether we schedule exercise before or after work, we often find ourselves unable to follow through.

In short, Americans are too tired to exercise, and it is usually due to poor quality sleep. We often lie awake at night with aches, pains, and racing minds. Thankfully, CBD helps us fall asleep faster by calming our nerves, reducing inflammation, and relieving discomfort.

Remember how we talked above about CBD positively interacting with our CB1 and CB2 receptors? By communicating with the CB1 and CB2 cells, CBD also can affect our REM cycle and send us into a deep slumber.

Check out the Full Spectrum Melatonin Infused Tincture for a better night’s sleep.

Use CBD to stop stress-eating.

Over 30% of U.S. adults experience an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives. In reality, the number is probably much higher. Anxiety affects our self-confidence, impacts our relationships, and can hinder us from reaching our fitness goals.

When we experience stress, our bodies go into fight or flight mode, releasing adrenaline. Our bodies know that we need more energy to deal with the perceived threat, so they release glucose (sugar) and cortisol into our bloodstream. As blood sugar levels rise, our appetites increase, which is why we often reach for sweets or extra carbs when we are feeling anxious.

As if there was not already enough to be stressed about, cortisol can eat away at lean muscle mass and signal for your body to hang onto stored fat!

Getting anxiety under control is essential for weight loss. While it is important to seek the advice of a mental health professional and continue on any prescribed medications, CBD is another effective tool at your disposal. CBD has been found to lower the cortisol levels in the body, thereby reducing the weight gain effects of anxiety.

Reach for a CBD Sour Gummy when you begin to feel overwhelmed.

CBD helps you get back to the gym faster.

There is nothing worse than feeling motivated to exercise, only to have your momentum crushed by muscle soreness. Post-workout pain can happen to anyone. Maybe you pushed yourself to a new level, or perhaps it is your first time back to the gym in months, even years!

Every time we exercise, we slightly damage our muscle fibers, resulting in fatigue and soreness, but don’t hang up your sneakers for good just yet. The inflamed, damaged muscles become even stronger as they are repaired!

Though recovery is part of the exercise process, we must ensure our achy muscles don’t become an excuse for skipping a workout. This is where CBD comes into play. CBD takes away the discomfort of post-workout recovery by reducing inflammation, soothing achy joints, and increasing mobility. Rub it on achy muscles or ingest it orally to feel the difference!

Speed up your post-workout recovery with the Healing Muscle Salve.

Use Vigilant CBD to hit your fitness milestones this year!

There is a reason why bodybuilders and CrossFitters all over the country are raving about the effects of CBD. It is a necessary tool for any athlete or gymgoer. Close the door on 2021 and make 2022 your healthiest one yet. Check out our best-selling products and add CBD to your routine today!

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