2022 Vigilant CBD Holiday Gift Guide

The Vigilant CBD gift guide is here! We have something for everyone on your list this year, including that person who already has everything. So, close your Amazon app and browse our picks for the 2022 holiday season.

Vigilant Muscle Freeze Roll-on for the athlete in your life

Anyone with an active lifestyle will love this muscle freeze, whether it’s your CrossFit-obsessed sister or your golf-loving father-in-law.

CBD has been shown to relax and soothe achy muscles by interacting with cannabinoid and pain receptors in the body. This product’s convenient size and cooling features make it a must-have on our list.

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Vigilant Melatonin Infused Lifestyle Tincture for the person who has everything

Looking to please the person who has everything? Though their life looks complete on the outside, we’re willing to bet that what they lack is a quality night’s sleep because, let’s be honest – who among us has mastered that?

Our mint lifestyle formula tincture contains CBD to induce relaxation and is infused with melatonin to promote a regular sleep schedule.

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Vigilant CBD Gummies for anyone feeling burned out

Do you have a workaholic in your family or an exhausted mom friend? Trust us; they need these gummies in their life.

CBD can destress and uplift your spirits by interacting with serotonin levels in your body. Serotonin is responsible for our mood and sleep, among other things. These colorful CBD candies easily fit in a bag or desk, awaiting the next tense moment.

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Vigilant Liquid Chalk for the rock climber

Vigilant Liquid chalk is made from premium magnesium carbonate and a proprietary blend of bonding agents. It is specifically designed to improve grip by limiting hand sweat and lasts through the most extreme activities – including rock climbing, lifting, and gymnastics.

Beyond its physical advantages, liquid chalk is also better for the environment and doesn’t leave any behind.

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Vigilant Massage oil for your partner

Nothing says I love you like a massage from your sweetheart. Our fragrance-free oil is infused with pure premium hemp CBD isolate and nourishing plant oils, including antioxidants, mineral oil, sunflower oil, sesame seed oil, olive oil, jojoba seed oil, vitamin E, and vitamin A. Our formula is also greaseless, stainless, and free of parabens.

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Cinnamon Sport Formula Tincture for the competitor

You know that friend who is always trying to improve their game or increase their athletic performance? We’re betting they’re going to love this gift.

CBD has been shown to increase mental focus by interacting with “feel-good” hormones and lowering cortisol levels. As a result, CBD users can stay energized and aware through their games or training.

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Vigilant Lifestyle Formula Spray for the White Elephant win

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the person who gifts lotto tickets consistently winning White Elephant. It’s time for someone with a more original gift to become the star of the game.

CBD Lifestyle Formula Spray contains full-spectrum hemp and comes in mint, cinnamon, and citrus flavors. Because of its effect on mood, pain, stress, and sleep, CBD is quickly becoming recognized as an essential piece to our well-being, and who doesn’t appreciate a gift that improves their health?

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Vigilant has your holiday shopping covered!

CBD is full of benefits that will please anyone on your list. Our CBD products come in various formats, from lotions and sprays to gummies and tinctures.

You can feel comfortable gifting Vigilant CBD to any of your loved ones. We are proud to brag that our products are made from premium American-grown hemp and non-GMO ingredients. Plus, we lab-test every formula to ensure it meets our strict requirements.

Make the holidays shine even brighter with an uplifting dose of CBD. Shop all of our products now.

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